Put experience in
the driver's seat

Primary helps you model your product or app into journeys and flows that owners, developers and designers can all understand – and bring to life.  Collaborate with teams in real-time and focus on what matters.

  • Bring you product vision to life
  • Keep your projects on track
  • Get everyone on the same page
Bring your product vision to life

Create flows that put experience first

Define how your product is going to work with simple yet detailed user flows.

Use Primary to see your product in action with super speedy prototyping to map all the steps different personas might take when interacting with your product.

Add rich detail

Use our Elements – Interfaces, Rules, Data, Forms and Resources – to create reusable units of information 

Branch off

Easily add alternative flows to deal with situations where things go wrong, and rejoin them to the happy path to complete your user's goal

Plug in

Primary integrates with your artboards and wireframes so you can add interfaces or mock-ups

Keep your projects on track

Steer your product in the right direction

Keep your project's progress front and centre - and aligned to bigger business goals.

Instead of one never-ending flow chart, Primary lets you tackle projects piece by piece. You can easily rearrange flows by priority or persona without blocking the queue.

Status check

Quickly see what needs attention first whether your flow is In progress, Needs review, is Approved or On hold.

Move freely

A live, editable environment means you can move, group and rearrange flows without holding things up

Full transparency

When there is a lot of activity on the go, version history shows you who made what change and when

Get everyone on the same page

Collaborate and handoff seamlessly

Goodbye screenshots and slides - hello simple previews and dev-ready releases.

Primary lets you collaborate and present straight from your flow maps, with a living document that rights itself, ready to be exported to tools like Jira, Trello or Github.

Collaborate Easily

Define roles and permissions, so you can invite feedback from all key stakeholders

Presentation Views

Switch between Document and Presentation views, depending on your audience and use case

Smooth handoff

Choose he flows ready to release and convert them into markdowns ready for development

Pricing plans made simple

Primary plans to suit your team

It's easy and free to get started.  If you're hooked (we know you will be) and want to keep growing your flows, you can easily upgrade to a Professional or Team plan.

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“We started talking about doing personas and putting together user flows. We did one on a whiteboard and thought 'is there a tool to do this?' I looked at Primary and thought ‘that's the thing I want it to do!’ I was excited — we've been making use of Primary ever since.”

“Primary empowered our team to outline our app design in a quick and systemized way. We conceptualised, iterated, and built with greater levels of speed and accuracy, while keeping all stakeholders on the same page.”

“Primary makes communication between business and tech folk significantly clearer. It also made inevitable product changes faster and less risky to implement.”

Jeff Townsend

Engineering Director, Moogsoft

Kathryn Wood

Co-founder, Handdii

Mark McLeod

Co-founder, Roll-it Super