November 2019 Update

We have combined the two into this not-quite-in-November release. There is still a substantial backlog including the major features mentioned last time. We have a new public issues system and a new website on the way. We’ve also been in the news 📰 with a few mentions of Primary by online publications. Let’s get on with the shopping list 🛒of this month’s features:

Resources element

An additional type of element has been added, we have called it a Resource. It’s a little different to the other elements in that it is not something that is used by the modeled app, but rather it contains supporting information for the viewer. A Resource element has a description and a URL, it can be used to point to a prototype or UX assets on a separate system.

Branch icon in Flow Overview

We had feedback that once a number of alternate flows is created it gets hard to track where they start from. To fix this we’ve added a neat little branch icon into the Flow Overview, and a menu to jump to the alternate flow. We try to keep the number of alternate flows to a minimum, but we know some of you love using lots of them, so this should make that easier.

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Branch icon in Presentation View

Much like the item above, in the Presentation view knowing where branches start was a little problematic, especially if the ‘Step Navigation’ was toggled off. Now an icon shows the branch points, and a menu allows you to select the alternate flows at those points.

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Don’t forget you can turn the step navigation on with Ctrl+/

Full screen preview

Now you can see your interfaces as a full screen preview. Just click the preview in the Element pop-out and you get a zoomable, downloadable view.

Primary in the news

We had a few mentions in the news recently which is nice: