May 2020 Release

With the world in the grip of Covid19 🦠, we hope that you are keeping safe and well, and busy. There has never been a better time to hunker down and model your next digital product. The Primary team haven’t noticed much change to our lifestyle, we don’t go out much in any case🤓.

Customer Journeys – Out of Beta

After some feature requests and bug discoveries, Primary Journeys are now out of Beta and part of the app for everyone. Journeys now appear in the share view in the same way that Flows display with an overview followed by the detail stages. They are also in the document view.

​Figma integration

​Finally the much requested Figma integration is available. This allows you to store your Figma Persona Access Token with your Primary account, and then put the Figma URL for a specific page in the Interface details. Click Fetch and your beautiful wireframe is linked and stored in Primary. Because Primary keeps versions of everything you do, the wireframe will only update when you request it.

Remote URL for Wireframes

Leveraging the Figma integration, you can now link a remote URL to a wireframe. The Fetch function is the same as described above.

Slack integration

Add a Slack webhook URL and your comments will be posted to a per-project slack channel.

Remember our public roadmap 🗺️ is here if you want to see what’s in the pipeline.
Please feel free to get in contact via the Intercom widget in-app, or send an email to [email protected] Stay agile, people.