March Update

Our apologies 🙇🏻for the long time between newsletters, we have been busy working on some great new features as well as a total replacement of our back end API. You can now track what we are up to on the public roadmap 🛣️.  This allows you to see what we are thinking about 🤔, what we are doing, and what’s been recently launched 🚀.  This newsletter will provide some background to the stuff in the ‘Done in Last Release’ column.

Customer Journeys – Beta

We think this is a bold new direction for Primary.  Customer Journeys make the connection between business strategy and technical implementation.  Design the Journey in Stages, and then create Flows to support the Stages where needed.

We don’t normally launch beta features.  In this case it changes the new feature changes the top line navigation and so we wanted you to switch over when you were comfortable.  We have a mini-roadmap for Journey features.  Let us know if there’s something you need it to do.  You can turn on Customer Journeys in your Account Settings page.


You may not even notice (apart from a couple of glitches), but the entire Primary platform has been rebuilt.  This allows access to a newer set of services which underpin our next round of improvements.  It has been a long job, and back end development gnomes are having a little rest now.  We hope you might notice improved performance, mostly in the form of faster page loads and the odd squashed bug.🐛

Forms to Data, and Back

When creating Data elements, often they are chiefly generated from user inputs via a form.  If you started your model with user interactions, then you might find you have a bunch of Forms that need Data elements to store their inputs.   If you started by defining a domain model with Data elements, then often you need Forms to populate them.  Enter the Form to Data and Data to Form function.

Primary in the news

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