Another month, another great feature at Primary, but no! Not just one, we have three great features this month ????.  We have a whole new flow designer, an in-line presentation preview, and a clickable prototype view.  Please check these features out, we are very happy with the result ????, hopefully you are too.

New Flow designer layout

The new Flow designer is combines a compressed layout with all-in-one view to show you the whole flow at once while not sacrificing any of the features you already use.  All the elements associated with a step are now contained in the panel at the bottom of each step.  The text description associated with the new ‘hot-spot’ feature automatically populates the next step’s action.  Editing the subsequent action will update the hotspot description.  In this new mode, it is not possible to change the User mid-flow.  We noted that very few Primary users build flows with more than one User, so we have removed this for simplicity.  The user is now selected in Step 1, and as there is no User Action in that step, the input has been removed.

Pre-existing projects will keep their ‘Classic’ step-by-step Flow builder, but you can change the mode simply by using the toggle button in the Kanban view.  The only data difference between the two modes is the multiple user-per-flow issue mentioned above.

In-Line Preview

To see immediately how your new flow looks, you can swap seamlessly to the dark-mode presentation view right from the Flow designer.  This handy little button in the top right is how you get there.  The preview is pre-loaded and so there is no overhead in switching views.  The navigation and features will generally be familiar from the existing Presentation mode, notwithstanding the addition of the ‘hot spot’.

Clickable prototypes

The full-screen presentation now supports the click hot-spots you defined in the Flow builder, so it works as a clickable prototype.  No need to tediously connect up all your interfaces in your favourite pixel-pushing app, you can build the UX experience while you design your product.  Clicking anywhere on the screen will briefly reveal the hotspot and Action text.  Clicking on the hotspot will navigate to the next step.