so its March! What year again? The breakneck pace continues in the Primary skunkworks 🦨 where too many new features are barely enough.  The hero of this months update comes as the result of a customer suggestion.  A Primary user wanted to remove Invision from their client review process 🗑️. They were really only using it to click through interfaces.  Check out below to see how we met the challenge to simplify their tool stack with the new full-screen 🖥️ presentation.

Full Screen Presentation

The Primary presentation shows interfaces in the context of user flows with the user action and other elements shown at the same time.  Sometimes the review process only involves the UI and UX and the extra detail can be overwhelming.  We added a full-screen mode that reduces clutter around the screen, brings in new tools to correctly size the interface view and a subtle but functional step-by-step navigation tool.  Now you can do your UI review without involving yet another presentation tool.  So long, Invision, and thanks for all the fish 🐟.

To see the Flow we used to create this feature click here: Full Screen Presentation Flow

Browser Links

Another customer request was to create browser links where ever possible. This provides the usual browser right menu option – including ‘Open in a new tab’.  Teamed up with our tab-synching update of late last year, you can now work across multiple tabs in the same project.

Jira updates

Primary now shows you when it’s syncing with Jira, there’s a ‘toaster’ pop up at the bottom of the screen, so if the Jira icons aren’t showing up straight away, this might give you a clue to why. You can now create Epics in Primary when you are syncing with a ‘Classic’ project in Jira. There are some other minor tweaks, too.