The team continue to knock over ‘small’ things that have have a big impact. Some have been on the list for a while, so it’s great to get them out.

The big bad Back Button.

You will have noticed that every now and then you’d click ‘Back’ in your browser, and if we are being honest, the UX sucked. No longer. Back will do just what you expect, it will take you back to previous screen, and where that isn’t even a thing, it will guess what you meant and take you there instead.

Translation for your Actions

You can now overwrite the ‘Action verbs’ for Elements with your own versions. Principally this is to allow translation into languages other than English, but who knows? Check out the little ‘edit’ link in the dropdown.

Thumbnails on the Interface Element page

This one came as a direct request from a long-time user, and it made so much sense we pushed it up the list. For people using the Sketch import this change makes a lot of sense, as you can easily identify the Interface from its thumbnail and update the name in Primary.

Commenting updates — Share projects, @ notifications

Commenting now supports exchanging comments in ‘Shared with me’ projects. You can share your project with a client or consultant external to your team, and they will be able to @ you in comments, and see any comments relating to the shared project. In addition you will now receive emails when you are mentioned, or if its just too much yada yada, you can turn off notifications in the Communication Preferences section.

We are queuing up the work for April, and there just might be some room in the schedule for an idea you have had. Two features in this last release are the result of user feedback, so please let us know if something is bugging you, or you have an idea so crazy it just might work.

Get in contact via the Intercom widget in-app, or send an email to [email protected] Stay agile, people.