It’s been a few months since I sent a release summary. We have made multiple releases over the past three months with another large one going out this last week. There have been lots of housekeeping and minor functional improvements, and some bugs 🐞. Most of them are too detailed to list here, and some are too embarrassing, so we’ll stick to talking about features.


If you are working in a multi-discipline team, you need the various team members to be able to communicate effectively. This release sees the comments system come of age and really start to deliver on the promise. It has been updated with notification icons visible on Steps and Flows.

Blue icons mean that there are new comments, grey means that they have been seen already.

Comments are now linked to the relevant Flow, Step or Element from the message center, and the message center icon also changes when there are new comments.

Team members now have configurable role badges to better identify who is saying what.

Don’t forget that you can @ reference other team members in your comments and the mentioned team members will receive a notification.

Version History

Version history is now better organised, remember you can use the project Fork feature to roll-back you project to an earlier state, or copy it as a template.

As always we invite you to send in your suggestions for new features or reports of anything that’s a bit whack 🙃. Get in contact via the Intercom widget in-app, or send an email to [email protected] Stay agile, people.