We’ve got some nice little features in this end-of-February release:

In-line action edits.

This is actually a bit of a cheat, as its an old feature that has come back due to popular demand. You can now edit the Step Action text in the Flow view without having to click through to the Step detail.

This is really convenient when you are just spitballing your flows and getting the structure sorted out, as well as just being plain handy at other times.👍

Element Status.

Unlike teenagers, Elements now tell you if there’s something wrong. If Elements are not used or they are ‘stubs’ that contain no detail they are flagged on the Element list.

This allows a quick glance to identify and remove redundant Elements, or to highlight Elements that need further definition work, like defining a rule, or adding fields to a form.

We’ve done a little housekeeping too ✨Hopefully you won’t see any of that, its all to do with status monitoring and the like.

Make sure you get in touch with us via email and/or intercom if you have even the tiniest question. We live for that stuff.