Welcome to the first update for 2021. 

Let’s dive in as we have some exciting news to share with you. 

First off, (you may have noticed) we have a fresh new website to support our growth at Primary! During the site update, some of you have been kind enough to give your time and share your positive experiences using Primary. Over the coming weeks you’ll start to see these customer stories appear on the site. Please reach out if you would like your team featured on the site. 

Now, ready your pom poms. The next announcement is B.I.G. 🥁 Primary and everyone’s favourite Atlassian product, Jira are now best friends. 👯‍♀️  

Jira Integration

It’s been on the drawing board for a while though the wait is over!  Primary now supports one-to-one mapping between Primary projects and Jira. Huzzah! The new feature allows you to create a specific mapping between your Flows and Epics which provides a genuine time saving by removing pesky double handling. You’ll find Flow steps can be easily linked to multiple Jira Stories, Tasks and Bugs. 🎉  

We can confirm the team at Primary have been putting the integration through its paces and it’s official – we’re big fans and excited to share with you all. 

jira integration

You can read further detail here: https://help.primary.app/release-log/jira-integration/

Confluence document links

Continuing the playing-well-with Atlassian, the Primary markdown output can now be set to utilise Confluence format links. You can go ahead and set your Confluence details in the project so that the links in the markdown output work seamlessly.

Element descriptions in presentations

In response to a user request, we are happy to say element descriptions now display in the Presentation view. This will make it easier for stakeholders to quickly identify or familiarise with elements. 

jira projects

Bug fixes

We have completed a number of bug fixes on small usability issues. A lot of these came from customer feedback, so if you have anything that’s bugging you, please reach out and start a conversation