Our CEO James Billson was recently interviewed for the DevReady podcast, feel free to tune in here:
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There are some great new feature releases in Primary this month.  The themes are better performance and collaboration.

Comments in Document

This great feature came as a suggestion from a customer, and we love it.  The document view is a great way to work through feedback as all the comments are surfaced in the one view. Read More

user flow feedback

Canvas Pan-and-Zoom view

The Kanban view now has its offsider – the project canvas view.  We have further plans for this great feature, but in order to get it into your hands faster we have taken an MVP approach.  Please let us know what you think, brickbats and bouquets equally welcome. Read More

zoom view

Different projects in multiple windows

Due to some early architectural decisions, multi-window performance has until now created some pretty strange effects.  Adding to the recent update that allows two sessions to edit the same model in near real time, you can now edit two different projects at the same time. Read More

On the drawing board – Walkthroughs

We are currently working on a new feature to allow you to gather structured feedback using an asynchronous Walkthrough.  Record a step by step flow review as a video, and then invite team members to comment.  We hope this will provide all the value of an in-person Walkthrough without needing to negotiate meeting times.