As 2020 keeps delivering knocks and lots of hand-washing 🧼🖐, at least there’s some good news from Primary🥂.  In this newsletter, we will talk about new features released, and we are asking for input on the next ‘big thing’🙏🏼.

Persona vs App User – making the distinction

Users can now be created as two different types: Personas and App Users. Personas can be used in Journeys and App Users in Flows.  We also have a ‘legacy’ Both category to cater for existing projects.

New Figma integration interface

The Figma integration has been improved, you can now add your Figma link right into the step detail and let Primary create the Interface and add the wireframe in one go.  Super-quick, super-easy.

Toaster help on Journeys

Journeys are here to stay, and we finally got around to adding some help.  You would have noticed some of the blue ‘toaster’ pop-ups. Have been added to the Journeys page with helpful hints about how to use Journeys in your model.

New Presentation Preview – Have your say!

We are currently working on a few new features including a new dark-mode Presentation View.  Although we hope to have a first cut out in the next month, we would still value your input, so we have made a questionnaire, and a video, and another questionnaire!
Start here: and follow the links at the end of the first part, and in the comments of the video.
We will be eternally grateful🙏🏼.

presentation mode

In the news

Read our great article in Inspirationfeed about double diamond thinking and how Primary implements this way of designing solutions