Configurable Kanban Status

Kanban statuses are now configurable.  You can add them, change their names, change their color and even hide them in the group view.  This has allowed us to simplify the Primary group page from more than 100 flow cards to about 20 by hiding the ‘Done’ status.  Go to the ‘Status’ view on the Flows page.

Additionally  we have removed the second level categorisation in the Kanban columns which makes things a lot less cluttered.  All Flows appear in the Flow page, regardless of their status.

Journey Copy

Another customer request has been actioned – this time it is to duplicate an existing Journey. Find the option in the Journey ‘kebab’ menu.  The new Journey contains all the links and content of the parent, but is renamed to ‘Copy of {parent name}’.  Hopefully, this saves you some vital minutes and you can spend the time on Twitter instead.

Jira updates

In Next Gen projects there is a data sync button in the Epic select modal, so if you just created the Epic in Jira, but Primary doesn’t know about it yet, click the button to get the latest list of Epics.  In the meantime, Atlassian are changing the name of the somewhat 80’s sounding ‘Next Gen’ project to a ‘Team’ project.  Next they’ll be wanting me to give up my pastel suits.