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February 2021 Update

Welcome to the first update for 2021. Let’s dive in as we have some exciting news to share with you.

DevReady Podcast Appearance

Our CEO, James Billson, was recently interviewed for the DevReady podcast. Tune in for some insights around storytelling, modelling and creating value in a start-up.

December 2020 Update

Our CEO James Billson was recently interviewed for the DevReady podcast, feel free to tune in here…

November 2020 Update

There are two main themes in the updates, ‘presentation’ and ‘enterprise ready’, with some overlap.

August 2020 Update

As 2020 keeps delivering knocks and lots of hand-washing 🧼🖐, at least there’s some good news from Primary🥂.

March 2019 Update

The team continue to knock over ‘small’ things that have have a big impact. Some have been on the list for a while, so it’s great to get them out.

July 2019 Update

It’s been a few months since I sent a release summary. We have made multiple releases over the past three months with another large one going out this last week.
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