June 2020 Update

This post is about our just-released navigation 🧭 update. The team have been busy working on back-room stuff so we don’t have a long list of features to talk about. Instead, this post is to warn you ⚠️ that the familiar, if somewhat messy top navigation has been updated.

New page-top navigation

Our UX guru Russell 👨‍🎨 has finally been able to secure enough development time to take a stiff broom 🧹 to the somewhat out-of-date and messy top-level navigation. We are pretty happy about it 🤸.

The main message is:

Don’t Freak Out!

All the familiar functions are still there, they have just moved around. As it is unlikely you will read a shopping list of changes, just know that the Project stuff is now under the Project Name menu, and the Account stuff is under the user avatar. The Groups page has been combined with the Flows page.

Remember our public roadmap 🗺️ is here if you want to see what’s in the pipeline.