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How exactly does Primary deliver on its core promise of better cheaper software?

Harness the power of stories

Primary works by using the power of stories.  Stories have been used throughout human history as containers of knowledge.  The Australian Aboriginies navigated by singing songs that contained directions.  Entertainers remember whole decks of cards by weaving a story in which the cards represent characters and objects. Primary follows this same 'narrative paradigm' because your brain is already set up to use it.  

Primary provides a way to quickly and repeatably create stories that describe how your app will work, and it provides a Share mode which allows the stories to be told to your client and team.  Through this process realisations are made and opportunities uncovered.

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Journeys - What your users want to get done

Journeys are high level descriptions of how certain types of people called ‘Personas’ interact with the business.  Journeys are made of a number of stages. Not all stages involve your app, they may describe things that happen in person, off-line or via some other media.

Flows - How your app works for your users

Flows are task level stories that describe how the app is going to behave to deliver meaningful real world results to users. Each flow should deliver one useful user goal.  Flows are composed of a series of steps.  Each step is initiated by a user, and then the app responds with an interface.

Add rich detail to your story

The story your flows tell can be enriched with the detail that make all the difference. Rules, Forms, and Data elements can be  applied to the steps to capture that crititical information without breaking the narrative arc.  Logic, conditions, inputs and data are stored centrally and applied where needed.


Stories really come to life when they are told.  Primary's sharing mode lets you walk through your user flows with clients and stakeholders.  The in depth understanding this creates reveals opportunities and pitfalls before they get baked into the code.

Creating working software

Primary is built to handle development in sprints.  Choose the flows you expect to achieve in the next sprint and create a snapshot 'Release' of just those flows.  The model remains editable and live, but the release is locked for the sprint. Handover can be by linking to a shared view, a document view or exporting the Markdown of the document.

Continuous development

Decisions will always be made during development that change the original design in some way. Maybe to go around a technical challenge that outweighs the value of the feature, or to capitalise on some opportunity that arises during coding.  Primary is quick to update, so the model stays relevant to the system that's developed and its ready for the next round. 

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