Create customer success through great digital experiences

Ensure customer experience is aligned with your businesses market position to create brand evangelists.

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Ensure the team is working to support your strategy

Primary’s easy to understand format reduces the overhead of progress reviews.
Quickly come to grips with the work that has been done to ensure it is aligned with the high-level strategy.

Aligned Outcomes

only build what supports your business strategy

Predictable Delivery

see the relative complexities and create realistic expectations

Control Costs

by understanding scope and complexity

Get a meeting of minds before you build

Reduce surprises and reworking caused by misunderstanding.
Primary’s flow-based model is designed to be understood by both technical and non-technical people.

Functionality as stories

into PM or development tools with markdown

Agile meets planning

with releases and sprints

Track outcomes against intent

and see what elements get used in flows

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