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After discovering Primary, the team at Mentores Digital has started discovering how the platform can bridge the design and development process.

Why we chose Primary

As a design agency, Mentores Digital is well-versed in creating fluid user interfaces and experiences for its clients. The team of 30 works on projects for a diverse range of companies in Brazil and the U.S. CEO Raul Macedo is still deeply involved with all elements of the design and development process.

In a number of its projects, Mentores provides the design to an external development team to realise its vision. The agency was already doing prototypes in Sketch, then shipping the prototypes to Invision to share with clients and developers. However, they found that while Invision covered off the front-end elements, there was a big gap missing: helping developers understand the workflow. 

Mentores were looking to make their handoffs clearer, more transparent and well-documented for their clients. When Raul came across Primary in a UX design group on WhatsApp, he knew the team had to try it out.


Challenges they faced
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Benefits of Primary

For every project, Mentores kicks off with design sprints. Once they wrap up ideation, the team then moves into SCRUM for development and refinement. However, Raul often found that the ones in the room for the design sprint or SCRUM weren’t the ones that were developing — leading to gaps in knowledge when it came to handoff.

With Primary, Mentores is now offering a design documentation service that captures the entire ideation process from start to finish. This value-add enables clients to hand off detailed prototypes to developers in a format they understand, particularly for offshore IT teams or teams that work in a different language.


Mentores’ journey with Primary is just beginning, but Raul’s team is already starting to see the benefits of implementing the platform into their workflow. Primary has equipped Mentores with the right tools to better support their clients in the development stage and, in turn, helped the agency grow their offering.

Better documentation with clients.

With the ability to showcase the UX/UI and explain the rationale behind the design, Mentores has improved documentation of each stage of their ideation and prototyping process.

Additional value-added services for clients.

Mentores has introduced a new service for its clients — improving their agency experience and better supporting them to realise their product vision.

Bridge communication between design and development.

Even if a developer is located in a different country or speaks a different language, Primary translates the prototype into a clear format that anyone can understand and build from.

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