We are always looking to measurably improve the experience in product for the end users of our customers, and Primary allows us to clearly map and see how we can do this, with the least time, cost and risk.

Why we chose Primary

Lighthouse focuses on product UX and UI for both start-ups and enterprise-level businesses. The tight-knit team of eight acts as a plug-in UX/UI team that helps businesses with user story planning and design systems, while ensuring they keep customers at the heart of product evolution.

The team was looking for a place to experiment and showcase initial ideas of how something might fit together, without committing to a full build. Primary gave the team a way to model and hand off work to designers, developers, and showcase user flows to customers without investing too many resources in the ideation stage.

Challenges we faced
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Benefits of Primary

Primary gave Lighthouse a shared space where colleagues and clients of different skill sets could collaborate effectively, in the browser they already use. Using Primary, Lighthouse could draft quick skeletons of products as user flows to share and test, while slowly building them into something more complete over time. 

On top of allowing the team to iterate quickly, Primary also lowered the cost of change between products and improved communication between teams. The platform gave Lighthouse a way to show what the product does and how it works, as opposed to simply asking clients to swipe between different tools. Getting new team members up to speed in Primary is easy.


Lighthouse’s role is to measurably improve the experience in product for the end-users of their customers. Primary allows the team to clearly map and see how they can do this, with the least time, cost and risk. The tool is now part of the team’s daily workflow alongside other platforms like Figma, JIRA and Miro.

One space for collaboration and communication.

Primary gave Lighthouse the one place they needed to collaborate with the intention of the outcome front of mind. It was a tool any stakeholder could use to get a better understanding of what was being suggested. As a team, Lighthouse could experiment with different ways to get to the end goal, before it went into expensive design and development stages.

Lighthouse’s process transformed into sharing early versions of user flows or journeys in Primary. Primary allows people of varied skill sets to contribute to the product design with minimal training. Primary’s business language and simple structure has allowed developers, designers, customers, product people, and stakeholders to understand and usefully contribute to the development process.

Improved clarity of context.

Primary gave Lighthouse the ability to create a solution for the customer, with an easy to interpret the shared vision. It was a place where designers, developers, users and clients could team up to easily gain insight, gather feedback and iterate quickly and contextually.

With feedback and buy-in early on from Developers and Designers on the plan, Lighthouse also saw a marked improvement in their hand-off processes. When entering the build phase, the team had access to easy and automated documentation with included data points for the developers to understand what the design of the UI is hoping to achieve. Using Primary, the WHY of it all is very clear, able to be questioned or followed as required before burning time and money.

Easy product audits.

For Lighthouse, Primary has been perfect for auditing existing products and demonstrating improvements. The team needed a tool that was an absolute source of truth, which they could use to chart the product and then show the evolutions.

This source of truth has become a living, breathing guide to what the product does through the steps of the user. Using Primary, Lighthouse can quickly plan, round table, test and iterate on directional change, then test and pivot — all in the pre-build phase.

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