DOS Media

DOS Media is a fast-growing process and interface design agency that delivers software products to realise their client’s vision. In 2018, they added Primary to their tech stack, and we’ve been happy partners ever since.

Why we chose Primary

With a solid tech stack including Sketch and Figma to handle the design system, components and interfaces, DOS Media was searching for a tool to showcase the rationale behind the interface or component to their clients and partners.

The team ranges from 6 to 10 people on any given project, working across a broad number of projects for clients in both the private and public sector. Their workflow includes a careful and deliberate design process including multiple rounds of presentation, review, feedback and iteration — after which they hand off the final documentation to their clients for development.

DOS Media already had a robust development toolset however, the team found that providing context and the rationale behind interfaces or functional design was difficult.

They wanted a tool that could document, present, and export the work they have done quickly and accurately, while also being able to highlight the processes and reasoning behind the final interface or process. Enter Primary.


Challenges they faced
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Benefits of Primary

DOS Media turned to Primary in 2018 to help create documentation that allows them to hand off a project quickly without the need for manual processes or overwhelming amounts of back and forth. 

Today, Primary is an essential part of their internal workflow. The team begins their development with brainstorming in Mural, before modelling the process or interface in Primary and moving on to a design manager like Figma or Sketch for the UI. When it comes time to present and export to a client, DOS Media goes directly into Primary to show the work and manage the handoff process.


Primary is now an integral part of the DOS Media team’s workflow, and a major component in their tech stack. The team uses the platform to join the dots between the rationale and the end result, while ensuring the handoff process is seamless.

Simplified the handoff process.

With the possibility to set reusable rules on their interfaces, DOS Media can easily pass projects and budgets over to a development team or another design agency.

Improves the link between rationale and outcome.

The team now presents both the rationale and the visual of the interface in one platform, rather than showing the interface and attaching notes. Clients have a deeper understanding of their decision-making and the data behind design choices.

Save time with centralising information.

With one place to specify everything about the design or processes, DOS Media has significantly cut down the back and forth between clients and agencies.

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