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Frequently asked questions

No, you can use the Free level of Primary without a credit card.

No, Primary is purely online, but it works like a local software package.

Pro subscriptions are for a single user, they allow sharing models in view-only mode.  Team subscriptions are for multiple users.  Primary allows fine-grained access management to projects, SSO sign on and centralised billing for teams.

The best way to get started is to dive in and start working.  This will raise some questions, and give you and understanding of the challenges and opportunities of modelling in Primary.  Be prepared to throw away or at least heavily refactor your first attempts.  The good news is that all these activities are quick to implement, and so don’t be afraid of the time commitment.

A flow should achieve just one real-world result for the user.  “Clicking a button”, for example, is unlikely on its own to achieve such a goal, and so is unlikely to be an entire flow.  At the other end of that spectrum, “Find a product, specify its options and buy it” is likely to be quite a few different flows, as many real-world goals are achieved.

Flows should have a short, strong verb statement. Some example names are “Make a Comment” and “Edit My Profile”.  Don’t use wishy-washy terms that can be confused. “Manage things in the admin panel” is an example of a poor name.

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