We believe that the best digital products come from faster and more inclusive iterations.

We are a young company based in Melbourne made up of a team passionate about designing and building software, and giving more people the power to design their own apps.

Our office dog, Rosie

Primary is based in Melbourne, Australia with an international team of marketing, software and UX professionals in Europe, the USA and locally. 

Primary was founded by James Billson based on his experience of running a software services business and later as a software design consultant.  Primary 'eats its own cooking' by modeling the Primary app in Primary. 

Primary's mission is to bring the process of modeling into the agile software development lifecycle. Agility and responsiveness to change have been incredibly productive influences in the digital age, but modeling methods and tools have lagged or been left behind.

It's our goal to part of the standard toolkit of digital product managers and transformation consultants.  We want to see everyone iterating in model-space before they iterate in code.